Plumbing Re-Piping in Johnson City, Kingsport, TN and Surrounding Areas

Repiping services in the Tri-Cities area and beyond

Marc Francis Plumbing offers repiping services in Johnson City, TN and surrounding areas. If you’ve been wasting your money on multiple pipe repairs, repiping your home might be the most cost-effective option.

We’ll replace your entire hot and cold pipe system with brand-new lines. We’ll also install new shut-off valves. Call us today to make an appointment.

How do you know that you need re-piping services?

You should schedule repiping services ASAP if your pipes are in bad shape. But how can you tell when your pipes are beyond repair? Here are five tell-tale signs that you need new pipes in your home:

  • If there is a green color on your copper lines.
  • Your pipes leak frequently, even after you repair them.
  • You hear strange noises coming from your pipes.
  • The water in your home doesn’t taste right.
  • The water is discolored.
  • You have a hard time getting good water pressure.
If you notice these or any other pipe issues, make an appointment with Marc Francis Plumbing right away for repiping services in Johnson City, TN

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